Being back home.

It’s gorgeous outside today. We’re chartering the undisturbed waters of Northern Ontario. Every time I’m up this way my heart yearns for it, and is heavy when we leave. I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and I really have a soft spot for everywhere spanning between Marathon and St. Joseph’s Island, because much of my youth was spent being raised around the wonders of the north. Seeing the rock islands and the beautiful shoreline brings floods of memories back… memories of a happy childhood never being bored when I was outside because even at that age, I appreciated it. All those summers I spent floating down the Chippewa River in a lifejacket and getting burnt to a crisp while the entire family sat around the picnic table at the family cottage, and swimming for hours in the sandbar. My cousins and I catapulting ourselves into the river via a long rope that dangled for the longest time from a drooping tree on the shoreline of the island across from the camp (until some crazy gun-toting American patriot bought the property and cut it down. Thankfully he was deported for illegally hiring American contractors, hehe). I particularly recall all the summer days I spent on the beaches of Lake Superior across from the restaurant my parents used to own, building sandcastles and moats with my little neon bucket and plastic shovel. I remember always being mesmerized by the summer sunshine sparkling on the warm shallow water, backdropped by a baby blue sky and evergreens as far as you could see, with the haunting whistles of the semis on the Trans Canada Highway whirring behind you for miles; it was so inviting and to this day remains my favourite thing about the Great Lakes – just the undisturbed nature, in general, but most notably the water. In fact, when I started working on the boats, that was the first thing I wrote about in my journal, was the glimmering water and how it transported me back to 1988, around the time I first discovered the enchantment of Lake Superior.

I just love being up here. Nothing makes me happier than being back home. I’m currently saving up to buy a piece of property up this way so I can build my house in the next 7 years and hopefully never have to leave. Drastic comparison between the Soo and Sarnia. Southern Ontario doesn’t hold a candle to the North and never will.

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