Returning to work and really annoying people.

I go back to work tomorrow. Not only am I not mentally into it yet, but I have the world’s worst (and most unsightly) sunburn that’s causing me excruciating discomfort. I’m going to be in a hot, sweaty car for about six hours en route to the port where our ship is tied up. The good news is it’s a port I haven’t yet been to, and I hear it’s pretty.

I had a crappy tour last month, which is why I don’t feel ready to go back. Every once in a while you get a bad tour, usually spoiled by vicious personalities who ruin everyone else’s day because they’re frustrated over something and take it out on the rest of the crew. You can’t be doing that when you’re stuck with those people for a month at a time. It’s a confined environment. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. The saving grace is having your own cabin. I’m in a good situation because the cabin designated for me only has one bunk, so it’s extremely rare that I have to be moved to accomodate added passengers… like when we do science cruises and the department feels the need to bring 15 extra people to a 28-crew ship. Then people have to start being moved around to accomodate numbers and genders. Privacy becomes such a closely guarded privilege.

So I’m not really prepared to go back. I really love the work. It’s just there are two people I don’t particularly like, and who I don’t get along with. And I hate working with them. They’re usually responsible for my bad moods. I would usually brush it off if one of them wasn’t personally degrading me and undermining my abilities and my intelligence. Not to be a narcissist, but I think you can probably tell from my writing and language that I’m clearly anything but. Unfortunately it’s one of those things you learn to deal with, because I’m not currently in a situation to make an issue out of it.

In summary, I want to stay home haha.

I did go to the laundromat to get my last loads washed before I leave. I hate the neighbourhood I live in. If I wasn’t taking advantage of a cheap apartment, I wouldn’t be living here. So unfortunately I have to go to the laundromat. There are always people in there that make me uncomfortable, but I’ve been counting my blessings that none of them speak to me. And then today… the chatty Kathy walked in and would not leave me alone. I knew I was just experiencing a really long streak of good luck, and that it was bound to happen. And today was the day.

I always bring a book with me, because that’s my time to read. And if I don’t want to do that, I listen to my Mp3 player. I got the vibe from this guy that he was a talker, so I put on my angry face and stuck my nose in my book. It almost always keeps strangers from bugging me if I look pissed off, because apparently I have a really intimidating glare. I should have went straight for the Mp3 player because this guy was a little inept to social cues. He interrupted my reading FOUR TIMES… all for nonsense.

The first time he asked if I wanted to read his newspaper. I said no… seeing as I was already reading my book. Then he tried to make small talk because the coin converter machine wasn’t accepting his bill. Then he purchased a can of pop from the vending machine and offered it to me. I ignored him and so he asked me again, and I was thinking… what the hell is your problem? There’s nice, and then there’s plain annoying. Why would you offer a complete stranger a pop that you just bought for yourself? It’s really a cheap and desperate attempt at keeping company… as if buying me a pop is an I.O.U. for trite conversation. And then he interrupted me a final time to tell me my laundry was finished spinning in the dryer… even though I had another load still cycling and was just waiting for both of them to finish.

So I got up to grab my laundry. Usually I take the time to fold it, but today I just stuffed it into my backpack as quick as I could. And even then, despite my angry face getting even angrier, he still tried to squeeze conversation out of me… complaining about how the dryers are too hot and sear all the clothes, and then he said something else and I just walked out without saying a word, so he mumbled “Bon voyage” to me. Honestly, everything I said to him when I was there was a one-word answer. Get the hint.

I can’t STAND annoying people like that!


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