Public breakup.

I heard an entire breakup beginning to bittersweet end tonight, directly outside and below my apartment window. I heard a girl frantically crying and begging, in a high-pitched cracking voice, for her beloved not to do this to her. I looked outside and saw them engaged in their private and heartbreaking moment. The right thing to do would have been to turn my music up loudly and go back about my business, but I didn’t do that. I sat on the floor and pressed my ear against the window and listened. They were in the middle of a public street, for christ’s sake. I wasn’t invading their privacy. Besides, they couldn’t see me.

It was heart-wrenching to listen to. Makes me thankful I’m not going through it. Makes me thankful to be single. I always am, but it’s situations like these that remind me of why. She kept carrying on about how she knows he’s sick, but she still loves him and is willing to stay by his side, and that she’s really angry that he thought she’d leave him for that. He said he didn’t want to hurt her anymore than he needs to, and that it’s better to end things now before they get worse. This went on for probably about an hour or so. I wonder if they realized they were replaying a scene that should have been, and probably was, in Dawson’s Creek – tearful woes of desperation under a street light while chubby snowflakes swirled in its spotlight around them.

I felt bad for her, anyway. Poor girl. I hope she got a good night’s sleep because she’s about to feel the aftermath of that for a long time. Makes me wonder what the guy was sick with, though… that it could be so bad he’d break up with his girlfriend.


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