I don’t understand how you can spend your time purposely aggravating people and then complain about all the things they do to you. You create tension and then get upset about how hard done by you are. For years people have been asking me why I bother still hanging around you, reminding me of all the mental abuse you’ve subjected me to over the years… the childish games you’ve played that have upset me. I shrug my shoulders and spout off something about having known you for so long. Short explanation: loyalty… something you clearly know nothing about. My other friends tell me I’ve got a lot of patience, and that it’s admirable, but shitty that I let you walk all over me and that I take this from you over and over again.

One of these days you’re going to get an earful, from years of keeping to myself everything you do to fucking piss me off. The problem is you’re used to people who are docile and submissive to your personality… people you can control. I’ve always been willing to go along with whatever you wanted to do just to avoid a problem, and you’re too used to people like me who don’t stand up to you. You’re an emotional bully. You talk over people and cut them off. You talk ABOUT your friends to your other friends when you damn well know it’s going to get back to them. You share people’s personal business with anybody. You can’t keep things between us – you always go and blab it to your other friends, and then you get caught having told them, and you try to cover it up. Yet nobody can do anything right. It’s like you think you’re the only person whose opinions matter or need to be heard, and the only person who has feelings. You go on and on about respect, class and maturity. You don’t even possess any of those things, so how would you know anything about them?

I especially loved the Facebook update about a month ago, about how people who create drama should stay away from you. Lord. Drama materializes because of you… because you constantly perceive people as doing wrong against you.


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