In the world today…

What is going on with the world? I see one news story that’s shocking enough in and of itself, only to be followed with even more absurd headlines. The other day I read about this incident in California where a 15-year-old girl was gang-raped in a 2.5-hour ordeal by 10 different guys under a bench while her school’s homecoming dance was commencing inside, just feet away from her, and while 10 other guys were looking on. It really makes me sick. Gang-raped. I cannot imagine the trauma that girl must be suffering, what with the physical damage that would have been done to her and the irreversible emotional shock that will now hang over her for the rest of her life. Some of the individuals whose mugshots have been posted look sketchy as all hell, and I can only guess that they were brought up in rough circles… probably do drugs… probably have done this to other girls. Three of the juveniles arrested wore bullet-proof vests to their hearing. Does that tell you anything? They don’t sound to me like brutality is unfamiliar territory to them.

How much of a waste of life must you be to force sex from a 15-year-old CHILD? What, being all hardass doesn’t reel the ladies in? You can’t find an equally repulsive woman to fulfill your needs? What an awesome way to throw away your life. Some of these accused are 18 years old. You haven’t even been able to enjoy the real world yet, and you never will because you’ll be behind bars rotting, all for the sake of some barbaric act of macho affirmation.

So far the word today is that an Iranian pilot for Aseman Airlines told his passengers to pray because the plane was having a technical glitch and he had to turn the plane around for an emergency landing. Ok… you know, being stuck inside a metal tube 35,000 feet in the air, in which your life is in the hands of people you can only trust are professionals who know how to handle unexpected emergencies, is horrifying enough. I get scared hitting turbulence. Shit, I get scared when the pilot announces we can’t land because of fog. So just thinking about hearing over the intercom that I need to “pray” because of a technical glitch would probably be enough for me to never fly again – assuming I made it to the ground alive and in one piece.

Oh and there’s a white supremicist prisoner in California who has just asked to be given a death sentence so that he can move into a prison with nicer quarters, aka Death Row, because he figures that by the time a date is settled for his execution he’ll be too old to care and won’t want to live anyway. He even confessed to two more murders so that the jury be more willing to go for the idea. Well when you offer such a good bargain…


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