Mini product haul

I’d like to advertise some really great products I’ve been using, one of which is literally a wonder drug for my skin.

When I was up north one of my coworkers had this face cream that she swore by, and since I was complaining about my acne problem, she told me to try it for a few days. I did and my acne completely went away. Holy shit! I decided I’d buy it when I got home, even if it is $75 for a tube. I got the 1.3 oz tube for $35 and I just started using it last night. Already it’s making a noticeable difference. It’s called Idebenol by Sövage. I think you can only find it online. I found this one on Amazon, because was out of it. Next time I’ll go big and buy the 3.4 oz.

Up next is a great hand cream I discovered this past week at The Body Shop. It caught my eye when I was at the til. All the money made from each lotion sold goes to a UK campaign called ECPAT to help stop sex trafficking. It smells awesome and it makes your hands feel great, and you’re supporting a great cause in return.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil line. I have most of the products from it, but my favourite is the exfoliator. It really does a good job of getting the grit out of your pores and I take it with me wherever I go. I like the smell of tea tree oil too, so I guess that helps!


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