I forgot how much I love Craig David.

It’s just after 5 in the morning, and what am I doing? Dicking around on the computer, obviously, because you don’t have an action-packed life if you’re not up at these hours watching YouTube videos and checking and rechecking Facebook for new comments that aren’t there. When I look back on my life in my senior years I’m going to be thankful I didn’t waste my youth away on the internet while simultaneously developing some sort of cancer from my computer being on my lap all day and my cellphone being pressed to my ear, and eating the rest of the peeps I got for Easter six months ago that are probably harder than they should be and have the potential to cause a lot more health problems than cancer.

ANYWAY, I’d rather not think about cancer right now, as it’s not exactly uplifting. Since I’ve been back in my apartment, between spells of utter laziness, I’ve been doing my version of spring cleaning (because as is typical of me, I get around to things way later than everyone else). I just tore my room apart. The clothing strung all over my bed and floor looks pretty sad, as most of it has been boxed up in my dresser for some time without having been worn in probably years. So I’m separating items I no longer want from those I can’t part with. Arms of my shirts and legs of my pants are clinging desperately to their surroundings, begging me not to be thrown in the garbage and forgotten for all the tragic fashion statements they once made for me. But I’m sorry to say… all things must be laid to rest in time. To the dump you go.

As elated as I am to have no responsibility for the next five months or so, I kind of wish work would give me something to do anyway. I hate sitting around with more time on my hands than I know what to do with. They did send me that parcel for rescue specialist training, so I suppose in the meantime I could complete that, study and prepare for upcoming job competitions. Sailing is a funny environment, though. While you’re doing it all you want is to be home in your bed and enjoying privacy, since it’s limited on ships. And then when you come home and you have all of that, you get nostaglic about your time at sea. I miss the crew from the arctic and all the fun we had. I desperately miss my crew on my “home” ship too, but they’re an older crowd, so the dynamic was different. Up north we partied hard every time we got the opportunity, and we did it in these remote communities that nobody else we know has been to. It was just different all around. I miss you guys (if you ever end up reading this). And I know if I go back next year, it won’t be the same group of people. I’ll have fun with them regardless, as I tend to get along with everyone, but I’ll especially remember this year’s wonderful group and their crazy antics.

I’m stoked to see the Limnos after it comes out of its refit. I’m sure it won’t be totally different, but the cabins will be new and the galley will be a little different… and as far as I can guess, the engine room might not look the same (which I think the engineers will be happy about). I can’t wait to see them all again and jump on them and give them the biggest hug of their lives when we all come together again. They’ll always be my main crew, because I love those guys and gals like my own family.

Well I guess I should stop giving myself one more reason to delay cleaning my apartment. Hop to it…


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