Harvest is here, and I’m home just in time.

I hate the smell of processed cheese. I just picked half a slice up off my counter that I left there for a couple hours, from when I made my dinner. It’s one of those foods that, although incredibly disgusting and that doesn’t even compare to the real thing, manages to find its way into even a conoisseur’s fridge. It’s probably like one molecule away from being a sheet of plastic (cue in Trish lecturing me about margarine). So maybe I shouldn’t eat it then, right?

Well I just got back from the arctic. I suppose those of you reading would like to know all about my adventures (unless of course you were there), but unfortunately you’ll have to wait a while because I sense extreme laziness in my forseeable future. There’s so much to say about it that I won’t even bother. Just ask me next time you see me. I will sum it up by saying it was an amazing experience, one which I will never forget, and I would go again in a heartbeat if I got asked. Just thinking that there are people who pay thousands of dollars to see what I saw every day for free, and that it was my job to be part of it, is gratifying. I saw what a very small fraction of Canadians will see. I sailed the Beaufort Sea and the Mackenzie River, I saw everywhere between Tuktoyaktuk and Hay River. I saw polar bears, for crying out loud. Just incredible. And my heart got rewarded up there too, for many different reasons. Therefore, the Canadian arctic holds an extra special place in it.

My furnace in my apartment is worrying me a bit. It sounds like a rickety old jalopy that’s about to split open and fall apart. If I burn to death or die of carbon monoxide, consider this testimony that I knew something was wrong. I told my landlord about it and he’s going to come and have a look. I’m a little worried to leave it running, but he advised me to. I love old apartments…

Speaking of which, aethetically it’s great. I got a new enormous reclining chair for my living room. I spent the entire morning in it, watching Friends. I also got wireless internet today, so the combination of the two will explain why nothing ever gets done around here. I picked up some harvest garland for around my door, as well as a pumpkin spice candle. That’s as festive as I’m getting for Halloween, and if any kids knock on my door, I’ll hand out all the old junk I’m currently throwing into garbage bags. Old beanie babies from my junior high days, shoes I’ve refused to get rid of, remote controls I was never able to configure or those whose device they pair with I’m still not sure of. Why am I such a pack rat?

I’m supposed to go to the Brigden Fair tomorrow with Jenn and her friends. I’m hoping it rains… or deluges. Not that I don’t want to hang out with Jenn, but I’ve been on the go nonstop since I got back and I don’t want to let anyone down, so I’ve just been agreeing to plans left, right and centre. But I’m exhausted and all I want to do is sleep for a week. I’m sure I’ll be thrilled once I see the giant pickles and apple cider.

And with that I’m going to bed. Good night.


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